Hand Drawn Animation Vs. Computer Animation

If you’re a business owner, sales manager, or marketing manager, you may know that capturing and holding your prospect’s attention on the internet is challenging. Let’s face it, the average website visit is just under 30 seconds long. And there’s no way you’re going to convince your viewer to “do” something in 30 seconds.

Hand Drawn Animation Vs. Computer AnimationAs you probably already know, whiteboard animation is all the rage. You know; the videos depicting a whiteboard and a hand comes up drawing pictures and telling a story. The reason that whiteboard animation is so hot is because it captures people’s attention better and holds them longer than anything else. And more importantly, they have been proven to convert more customers than any internet tool to come along in a long time.

Originally these whiteboard animation videos were hand-drawn. Yep, hand-drawn, just like Walt Disney in the 40’s.   Let’s face it, these hand-drawn animation videos are great! They work fantastically! And they still do today. Being hand drawn the only limitation is the animator’s imagination and the size of the customer’s pocketbook.

The problem with hand-drawn whiteboard animation is the time and cost to get one completed. Often these hand-drawn whiteboard animation videos will take 2-4 months and cost $1,000 – $4,000 per minute! And you know, even with this kind of investment, they’re well worth it. Unfortunately, they’re often outside of most people’s budget.

That’s where computer generated (CG) whiteboard animation comes in. Costing a small fraction of the price and delivering in a few days to a week, CG whiteboard animation is now within the reach of most budgets.

Even though computer generated whiteboard animation isn’t quite as impressive as hand-drawn, it’s 99% as effective a fraction of the price. Pretty good ROI, hu? The other hot thing about these CG whiteboard animation is that you can import just about any image format, making your videos exceptionally versatile.

So, the question is hand-drawn or computer generated. Like I said, it all depends on your budget. If you have money to burn, then go with hand-drawn. If not, you will be very pleased with computer generated whiteboard animation.

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