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Whiteboard Animation Videos Captivate Your Audience and Lead to High Sales

It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the internet. Thanks to the rise of YouTube and the advancement of internet technology, videos can now run freely on the internet will little disruption. Promo Sketch brings you the most captivating whiteboard animation videos to win you’re your audience and increase your sales.

whiteboard animation

Video works because it coveys information in a more compact, entertaining method than simple text. Using video means that you can tell your story and appeal to a broader range of potential customers than simple text could ever hope to do.

However, while video has made some remarkable advances in recent years, the technology that creates high quality, professional video productions is still beyond the reach of most small business owners. There are a number of reasons why professional video companies remain the domain of larger businesses when it comes to creating a high quality video product.

Cost: Basically, if you want a professional look, you are going to have to pay professional prices for the service. This is not just to cover the expenses of the talented videographers, editors and staff, but also for the use of equipment and talent that makes a video production special.

Time: Even today, the turnaround time for a professionally produced video can be weeks or even months depending on what you want. Unless it is a very short production indeed, you will have to go through a long pre-production phase to insure that everything you want stated is performed. While the actual shoot for a short commercial or video generally takes only a day to do, it will take some time to edit and prepare the footage for final release.

It’s no wonder that more people are turning towards shooting the videos themselves to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. But, despite advances in home video equipment, this is a less than ideal course of action as well.

Why Home Video Production Does Not Work Very Well

While you may save money and time by shooting your own video, there are a couple of issues that will prevent you from making a big impact.

Production Value: The problem with amateur video productions is that they look like they were done by amateurs. While professional video equipment has improved tremendously, the access to professional microphones and lighting have not. People today are very savvy when it comes to knowing whether a video product was professionally done or not. And if it was not professionally done, then the impact is much less.

Focus: Plus, home video productions lack the polish of a completed script and good performance to really make it work. The most important point of your video is to convey your message clearly to as many people as possible and often this gets lost when trying to create, shoot and edit a video.

However, there is a way you can have a professionally produced video that gets people’s attention while costing only a fraction of the amount. Promo Sketch is now offering this highly effective means of video production is known as whiteboard animation.

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is exactly what it appears to be, a series of images that are drawn on a whiteboard to convey a message. Today, whiteboard animation is done on computers for a clean, highly professional look that is very eye-catching.

Promo Sketch whiteboard animation uses professional narration and literally illustrates its points in the video in an entertaining, highly engaging way. There is something about seeing an image being drawn on the screen that pulls a viewer in. So what are the advantages that whiteboard animation has over most other types of video projects?

What are the Advantages of Whiteboard Animation?

There are a number of advantages actually, starting with the one that is the first reason many smaller businesses have turned to this form of advertising.

Cost: Whiteboard animation is relatively inexpensive to produce. Companies that specialize in whiteboard animation use highly advanced, but very efficient computers to create the images. This means that the productions process is streamlined and the talent is mostly in the creation of the images themselves. The voice over talent consists of a variety of professional voice over artists and the overall cost is greatly reduced compared to a professional live action production.

Clarity: From an advertising standpoint, the purpose of your video is to get your message across in the most effective manner possible. Whiteboard animation does that by creating a series of images that capture the attention of the viewer. Unlike a talking head which can become boring rather quickly, a whiteboard animation switches from image to image in a manner that keeps people’s attention. Combined with the narration and pleasing background music, whiteboard animation presents a clear message.

Entertaining: As mentioned before, whiteboard animation is clear, concise and very entertaining as the imagination is the only limit with the images presented. Because of this, viewer are more in tune with the video and pay attention to the message that is being delivered because they are being entertained at the same time.

Why does Whiteboard Animation lead to Better Sales over other types of Video?

When you combine the clarity of the message with the entertainment value of the whiteboard animation, the result is potential customers who are more likely to make purchases than with almost any other type of video.

Think about how much a video presentation relies on visual imagery to sell a product and add to that the fact that whiteboard animation presents a variety of entertaining, yet very clear and persuading images that pull the viewer in and make them more likely to purchase your product or service.

When you consider the low cost, clarity of the message presented and the sheer entertainment value, whiteboard animation is simply the most effective type of video dollar for dollar compared to almost any other form of video production.

The power of whiteboard animation to hold the viewer’s attention while creating an entertaining, fun and informative presentation is unmatched by virtually any other type of video, especially for the price range. For the cost and effectiveness, the best investment small businesses can make for their advertising dollar is whiteboard animation from Promo Sketch.


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