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Whiteboard Video is the Most Effective Type of Video for your Marketing

Marketing your website in today’s internet world may seem harder than ever. While there are plenty of ways to promote your products or services, the competition is often very tough. Plus, it can be difficult to know what type of marketing method works best.

However, there is little doubt that video marketing has attracted an enormous amount of attention recently because it provides the compactness of delivering a message quickly, it reinforces that message both in words and in video images and a video is far more entertaining that simple text or audio.

With all the advantages, video has taken its rightful place as the hottest, most effective form of advertising on the internet today. Of course, not every type of video can be right for your online business, especially if you are on a budget.

Enter whiteboard animation as the most effective combination of cost, clarity of message and entertainment value for a video marketing tool. While the principle of whiteboard animation goes back many decades, the advancement of computer technology and the inherent entertainment and interest value are stronger today than they have ever been.

Whiteboard Video

Why is Whiteboard Animation so Effective as a Marketing Tool?

The reasons why whiteboard animation work so well as a marketing tool are numerous and profound. First, the basis for why whiteboard animation makes for such an effective way to reach your customers is that the process itself is very familiar to most people.

All of us remember TV shows, movies and cartoons that have used a form of whiteboard animation. Seeing images being drawn on a white screen has that feeling of familiarity that allows viewers to focus not on the process, but the message that is being delivered. While familiarity is the platform, there are several powerful reasons why whiteboard animation works so well as a marketing video.

Clarity: Each image is presented in clean black and white which means that the viewer is focused on the message that each image delivers without any distraction. Whiteboard animation uses the minimal amount of imagery to convey the message that allows the viewer to let it sink in. Basically, what is being conveyed to the viewer has no complications, it is clean and clearly presented.

Attention: The images of whiteboard animation are created one at a time, sometimes with an image of a hand inserted to create the illusion of the creator drawing the image itself. This means that the viewer’s attention is riveted on what is being drawn until it is completed and the image sinks in.

Compare that to a standard talking head video where we see a person talking to the viewer for minutes on end. After the first few seconds, the viewer becomes accustomed to the talking head and the mind begins to wander because no new visual information is being delivered. A wondering mind can then miss out on important information that is being spoken and this blunts the effectiveness of the message as a whole.

This does not happen in whiteboard animation as the viewer is watching intently because the mind is engaged visually to the images as they are being created. Studies have shown the effectiveness that whiteboard animation has over standard talking head videos and most other types of video production.

Why is Whiteboard Animation a Better Choice that Other Types of Video Production?

For the reasons listed above, whiteboard animation is clearly a powerful marketing tool. But what is the added edge that puts it over the top in terms of being the best choice? The reason is actually quite simple.

Entertainment Value: There is something about seeing images being created in front of our eyes that holds our attention so that we don’t miss out on what is being created. Whiteboard animation is one of the highest forms of entertainment in terms of visual imagery for video. Yet the image that is created only contains enough information to inform the viewer of what they need to know.

Clarity of image that hold the attention and entertains the viewer are powerful enough reasons to choose whiteboard animation. But for the business owner who is thinking about choosing this form of video marketing, there is one more consideration to make.

Cost: Whiteboard animation costs a fraction of what a professionally produced live action video of the same length does. There are no actors to pay, no video crew to set up lights and no studio to rent. Whiteboard animation uses advanced software technology to create smooth, clean, professional images that are perfect for viewing on large screen HDTVs or the smartphone. For companies who want to get the most bang for their buck, whiteboard animation is the perfect choice.

The Versatile Nature of Marketing with Whiteboard Animation

One of the great advantages of using whiteboard animation is that the style is perfect for almost any type of marketing video. Because the images hold the viewers attention so well, it’s perfect for longer videos where a product or service is being explained. Plus, for short commercials the entertainment value of the process gets peoples’ attention and creates a powerful viewing experience.

Another advantage is that the low cost means that you can use whiteboard animations to create a series of marketing videos where the viewers will recognize the style and settle in to hear the message. This not only helps you sell the products or services that you are offering, but your brand as well. Selling who you are is just as important as the products or services that you are offering. Whiteboard animation can help you do both very effectively.

While perfect for small businesses because of the low cost, whiteboard animation makes for the perfect video marketing tool of almost any company. The power of the images combined with the entertainment value of seeing them being drawn on the screen and the reinforcement that the narration brings to the message makes whiteboard animation the best, most cost effective video marketing tool your company can use on the internet. Promo Sketch brings you this powerful marketing tool, just click the “Get Started” button to order you custom whiteboard video today.

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